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    Haya Food - Export Industry, Alexandria, Egypt. Middle East.   HYGADE Aps. Cosmetics chemists with enterprising businesses. Assens - Denmark   RPScandinavia. European Responsible for cosmetic products from outside EU marketed in the European market. Cosmetic. Denmark   Udvikling Assens. Fyn. Denmark. Helnaes Kultur Musik Forening. Non Profit Organization. Helnaes Assens, Municipality. Denmark
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Why InterConsult21 uses Cities?

Pictures of Cities in InterConsult21

City Profile

InterConsult21 "International Consultant of the 21 Century" introduces the idea of City Profiles as part of each Country's Infrastructure. Our idea is simple. Cities are and should be empowered by the direct and indirect contribution of their local Businesses, Companies, Organizations, Services, Activities and Politicians.

… People Companies and Cities grow together

InterConsult21 "International Consultant of the 21 Century" encourages the ever increasing awareness of the Standard of each City in the World. Awareness is the vital step to improve the Standard of living in the World.

Members can add Articles and Pictures in their respectice City with reference to their Company.

Members can earn by sharing their pictures in our Concept.
Pictures should be owned by the Company and not downloaded from the internet or any other source. Failure to respect this can result in canceling membership,


InterConsult21 "International Consultant of the 21 Century" designed a simple easy to follow City Assessment. Please click on the City Assemment below and watch a video on how you can easily carry out the assessment for your own City or your favorite Cities. You then can download an Excel File and carry out the Assessment(s).  


City Assessment - Copyright © 2012 by InterConsult21

Watch how InterConsult21 uses the City Asseesment Model to propose enhancement to Assens City in Denmark and Cairo City in Egypt.

Please download, save and send to us  InterConsult21's Excel File to assess your own City or your favorite Cities.

Join our Newsletter and be part of our Global Concept starting with the Assessment of your OWN CITY.

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