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InterConsult21 - International Consultant of the 21 Century
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International Consultant of the 21 Century

Abstract idea and vision:

" .. Find and be Found by Business Partners. From any where to every where .."

- move your Company to new frontiers, 
- present your Company in all your geographic marketing segments,
- access your info from the entire World,
- highlight your unique features that attracts potential businesses and clients.

From abstract to Concept:


- New Frontiers .....   239 Countries
- Mapping your Company in its logical and physical environment. .....  

A backbone consists of Cities, Services, Businesses, and National Information as entities in each Country. Each Entity is independent yet integrated to the entire backbone.

- Access from entire World. .....   Empower each Entity with own Business Search Engine.
- Uniqueness. .....   Encourage Companies to highlight their own unique features.



InterConsult21's idea is established in 2006 in North Europe.
- A Business Search Engine is tested and implemented in 2008.
- The first Newsletter issued in April 2009. It is operational in 239 Countries and gradually covering thousands of Cities in the World.
- Building up the Websites for more than 50.000 around the World. Complying with OFAC List;
- Introducing integrated Unique Concept VUCCC;
VUCCC Concept of InterConsult21
- The Company is restructured and registered in 1st February 2014 in Denmark - (CVR: 26762480).
New features and functionalities introduced and the Company is implementing a new Payment System and Shopping Cart to roll out.

Physical Entities:

- InterConsult21 is established in Denmark.
- InterConsult21 is managed through 5 regional independent and integrated databases.
- InterConsult21 manages a Central Newsletter Center.
- InterConsult21 manages a Central Business Center.


- InterConsult21 adopts an Integrated Open Architecture in its Concept.

- Resources:

InterCnsult21 is utilizing its resources to support its Members and to build itself from within.

- Operation:

- Consultancy:

High Visibility & High Transparency are prerequisite to promote Companies at Consultancy level.

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