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EgyDan is an abbreviation of Egypt and Denmark.

EgyDan in English.EgyDan in Danish.EgyDan in Arabic

Please keep browsing the video to see the huge projects and comments from Egyptian as well as European Expperts.

Detailed models of small and medium industries complexes

Something in common:

Egyptian 'citizens' and Danish 'citizens / foreigners with legal residence' have something in common, the Civil Registration System. The Danish System started at 1959 by the 'DataCentralen af 1959', now 'Computer Science Corporation - CSC'.
The Danish Civil Personal Register 'CPR' is fully integrated with the person at center. All activities from Birth, life growing to death of the person are interconnected, integrated and fully automatized.

The Ministry of Interior and the "Cabinet Affairs" in Egypt developed and implemented the Egyptian System in the nineties. Egypt uses the Civil Registration and the 'Unique National Number' in several systems for more than 90 Million Egyptian Citizens.

Egyptian Unique National ID - Front side. Egyptian Unique National ID - Back side.Civil Personal Nunber - CPR


Potential Cooperation between Egypt and Denmark:

Denmark is the port to EU. Egypt is the port to Arabic Countries, Middle East and Africa.

Egypt, the port to Africa

1. Egypt may apply the integration of its systems using the experience from the fully integrated Danish Systems and the 'Register Legislation' to improve its Public and Private Sectors. Denmark is ranked at top of 168 Countris in the 'Corruption Perception Index'.

2. While Danish Companies are known for their relatively small size; many middle and big sizes Companies are already operating very well in Egypt.

Egypt supports small industries and currently planning Detailed models of small and medium industries complexes that will be created in the industrial areas in all of Southern Raswa in Port Said and the Cities of Badr and Sadat.

Denmark is pioneer in small and medium industries.

This is a big opportunity to increase the cooperation between both Egyptian and Danish Companies.

3. Egypt and Denmark are part of the Strategic supply Chains for Several Industries. Starting with:

Strategic Supply Chain - Car / Vehicles Industry Strategic Supply Chain - Cosmetics Industry Strategic Supply Chain - Food Industry Strategic Supply Chain - Tourism Industry
Car / Vehicles Industry
Cosmetics Industry
Food Industry
Tourism Industry

Considering the Food Industry as an illustration, the Egyptian Market is huge and the Danish Food Industry is famous World Wide.

With the horizontal expansion and cultivation of new lands, Egypt have need for danish equipement and machines especially big agricultural machines.


The purpose of EgyDan is to increase the Business opportunities between Egypt and Denmark.

Agriculture Heavy Machines in cultivating Egypt Ethylene production complex. Alexandria, Egypt. Qattamiya-Airport. Soon finished at the New Capital City near Cairo. Egypt. Suez-Canal Tunnels. Linking Asia to Africa under the Suez-Canal. Egypt

Denmark is famous for its high efficiency and good maintenance of the big agricultural machines. Danish used agricultural Machines can help farmers and farms at both small and bigger scale.

EgyDan partners are introducing a concept of lending lands to grow diverse corps suitable for exports.

EgyDan is powered by InterConsult21 in Denmark and with HAYA Establishment in Egypt.

Haya Food - Export Industry, Alexandria, Egypt. Middle East.


InterConsult21 - International Consultant of the 21 Century

HAYA Establishment
كل ما هو مصرى أصيل عريق طبيعى صحى ومفيد
All that is Egyptian authentic deep rooted natural healthy and useful
Alt det er Egyptiske autentisk dybt rodfæstet naturlige sunde og nyttige

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