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  We just said Goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012.
I would like to share with you a Danish - DFDS - cruise to "
Norway and few of its many Islands" few days ago.
What went wrong with Economy?
Our trip started very well and I found myself setting beside a young seems Business Man who has his Laptop and use the train's Internet in Denmark. Of curiosity I see that he watched a Business Film. I could not hear any as we were in a silent zone, however, I could see that the film is about Statistics and interview with Business Professors from prestigious Universities in USA and Great Britain as well as other European Countries.
I guess they all were answering a simple question: what went wrong with Economy?
I wondered what they had said. I only see graphs of Breakeven, Hedges, on Call, and other MBA Staff that I mastered from Edinburgh.
From time to time I closed my eyes and try to find the answer to that question. I asked my self are we SMART to introduce new ideas on how to increase our wealth. I used to know that without input you don't get output. So all the speculation and watching to buy and sell shares are perhaps the origin of our Economic trouble. Dealing with wealth on spreadsheets and Wall Streets does not substitute for adding wealth from work and productivity. The issue is for sure not created by hard working Business Men in as much it is perhaps related to the new way of dealing with money globally.
We arrive in Copenhagen and I relaxed with my older son as it was his birthday that we celebrate.
On deck I loved the fresh air and the night as well as early morning views in both Denmark and Norway .
In "Oslo", my two young boys were eager to see the "Noble Peace Center".
Noble Peace Center - Oslo. Norway

It was our first target to visit after a short stay in Scandic Hotel.
We had very rich feeling when seeing the
"Noble Peace Center". We saw the names of those great women and men that Alfred's Nobel Peace Prizes recognized them due to their hard work. I want to share this with you.
I want to tell you how dedication and not speculation can and will change the world.
Can you imagine how a young brave girl is going to change "
Can you imagine how two brave women are fighting for the developing of Liberia with the leadership of "
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf" and "Activist Leymah Gbowee"?

  Still in Oslo and few meter away from the "Noble Peace Center", the bigger boy wanted to visit the Norwegian "Utviklingshus - Development House". I was very impressed about the asked questions and possible answers. Issues like Population, Cooperation, Aids, Bilateral Refugees. I want to also share my thinking with you.
I am sure you know all what is shown, yet, I want to relate this to my still not fully answered question regarding Economy.
Human Rights, Democracy, Cooperation, "Multilateral, Bilateral, Multi-Bilateral" Aid, Environmental issues. Who decide how to spend money, who is responsible? Success or Fiasco results as illustrated by the Norwegian Experience with Ships and Fishery gives a fair good picture of our global issues.
Peace is a precondition for development. And conversely, development is a precondition for peace.
We spent a one and half hour in the "Utviklingshus - Development House".
In our way to the Hotel, I found how Norway,
despites its vast Oil resources. managed to implement the El-Car. .
My boys and myself were excited to see different models and sizes and the special park with wires to upload the Cars batteries. 

We visited Oslo Defense Museum and saw how Denmark helped Norway in 1905 to get its dependency and thus the creation of the strong Scandinavia.

Arrival of a Danish Prince. He was appointed as the first King of Norway
I forget to tell that I saw a display in the
"Utviklingshus - Development House"about the "UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG)". Again I related this to the not yet answer of why the Economy went wrong!

Answer to the Economic question

I realized that the answer to the Economic question is at reach. We need value added on real not only on papers! Professors are working on theories and inventing solutions. Abusing this to the advantage of few is really the reason of our trouble.

We all born with "Unique Finger Print" that identify each of the 7 billion people. This if understood well can identify opportunities and growth instead of greed and injustice.

  We will be well served if we focus on:

- Transparency, Produce instead of speculate.
- Accept the role of Democracy and Peace to develop and
- Utilize the great opportunity that at reach.


We in InterConsult21 stress upon Uniqueness.
The  8 goals of the United Nations - MDG program
match well with our concept:

1. ERADICATE extreme poverty and Hunger
2. Achieve Universal primary education
3. Promote gender equality & empower women
4. Reduce Child Mortality
5. Reduce Maternal Mortality
6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria & other diseases
7. Ensure environmental sustainability
8. Develop a global partnership for development

Each goal is a direct or indirect opportunity to members in both Developed and Under-Developed Countries to do business with each other.
That is why we stress in our Concept upon representing the infrastructure of each of the 239 Countries
We now passed the self imposed hurdles. We are highly visible in more than 190 Countries and have Members from more than 57 Countries.
Beside providing a second to none:
- high visibility
- open architecture
We now introducing the basis for providing Consultancy.
We added the Icon of Nobel Prize to our Webs to emphasize the importance of dedication. Out of 44 Countries that received Nobel Prizes, We identified "
21 Countries" that have Members in our Concept.
As the late President Clinton told, the World is full of money. What is needed is people with clean youth blood, new Moral Values and Dedication.
People that think in their Business as part of the globe.
We are looking to
Develop a global partnership for development with you and your Company.
Building from within.

With this spirit, I thank you for reading this Newsletter.
I hope you see how we gaining grounds. I hope that you get lot of benefits and to act as both a Member and a promoter Consultant as well. We need all the efforts to move forward. InterConsult21 is building itself from within.


M Grant
International Consultant of the 21 Century
1st January 2012

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