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1. Very limited Exotics
Travel with your family at very low price

InterConsult21 "International Consultant of the 21 Century" has business agreements with major Resorts / Travel Agencies to provide travel packages to you and to your family at very low prices. Please look at:

- World Wide Limited availabilities: - Kenya: - Egypt

Spain, Florida, Canary Islands, Nevada, Hawaii, Arizona, California, South Carolina, Thailand, Turkey
France, Greece, Portugal

limited to end of October 2011.

Do you know what the word Kenya means?
Our Partner explained that "Kenya means ... the world of beauty and variety of animals".
Best Tourist Country in the World.

October 2011

Bali | Gili Meno | Phuket | Chiang Mai | Goa | Kerala | Jaipur | Bansko | Tuscany
Royal Resorts

Big Discount Offers
Exotics offers at very attractive prices.

Bencia Africa Adventure Safaris. Nairobi, Kenya - Africa.

Egyptian Tourist Authority
Osoris Travel. Hotels - Resorts

*We have access to not published World Wide Resorts / Hotels / Tours

Contact us immediately for more details / booking.
Remember to inform about the destination, number of travelers and time.


2. Quiz
If you are asked about your Country ... What will be your brief answer?
Questions: Tips
Denmark as Model
1. What YOUR COUNTRY IS MOST KNOWN / Unique for?

Denmark is Known as the Oldest Kingdom in the World.

Danmark the oldest Kingdom in the World

2. What is the impact of that on doing Business with your Country? The impact is stability and continuity to do business with Modern major north European power.

e-Mail the two answers to the Quiz to our below stated Contact address and win.

All answers gives the right to Win.

1. Winner ... 2 Years .. Free Membership
2. Winner ... 1 Year ...... Free Membership 
3. Winner ... 6 months Free Membership

Notification ... 15 November 2011

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