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    Haya Food - Export Industry, Alexandria, Egypt. Middle East.   HYGADE Aps. Cosmetics chemists with enterprising businesses. Assens - Denmark   RPScandinavia. European Responsible for cosmetic products from outside EU marketed in the European market. Cosmetic. Denmark   Udvikling Assens. Fyn. Denmark. Helnaes Kultur Musik Forening. Non Profit Organization. Helnaes Assens, Municipality. Denmark
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InterConsult21 "International Consultant of the 21 Century" is committed to the Global Impact Program of the United Nation.

To summarize: InterConsult21 "International Consultant of the 21 Century" marketing and increasing your Company's Visibility in your Country and in the World.

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Where to place your Business?

Your Company will be placed in accordance to your Professional Business, Services or / and Physical Location (i.e., Ciiy / Country) in the (First Order / First Serve). You can place your Company in multi places to increase its visibility.and your opportunity to attract others.
Countries are presented in Groups & Blocks (e.g., Spanish Speaking Countries, European Community, Arabic Speaking Countries, etc., ) to increase the visibility of your Company.

NEW: Your Company will be shown in both your Professional Business / Services and Physical location in our Search Engine Glooobi. In other words, your Company will be visible from the Search Engine in any Country in the World.

- Businesses

We deliver High Visibility for Professional Companies / Organizations in the fields of:

  Only 21 Companies in Each Country.

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- Services:

  21 Services in a Country. Up to 21 Services in a City
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- National Information

  Rich information at National level. 
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- Countries
InterConsult21 "International Consultant of the 21 Century" is operational in 239 Countries Across Global Business 2 Business. The Home Page of Each Country presnts the 10 TOPS Companies.

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- Cities:
InterConsult21 "International Consultant of the 21 Century" is aiming at presenting most Cities in the World in phases. We present Capitals and Famous Cities in each of the 239 Countries and we build the Administrative Infrastructure for the Pilot Countries.
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- Groups and Blocks:

In the Globalization Era, Blocks are dissolved and newly organized. We follow up the Global trend and Groups Countries in their logical belonging and use this to the advantage of our members.

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World Class

- World Class Services:

If you want to promote your Services all over the World, then use our World Services to increase your Marketing and to reach your target. Only few places are available World Wide.               
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- World Class City

World Class Cities have something in common. InterConsult21 "International Consultant of the 21 Century" established Assessment Criteria to assess any City in the World without bias or hidden agenda. Members can contribute to their Sociaty and create awareness about their City and get the reward of publishing this with reference to them.        
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- World Class Company

This is most suitable for those Companies that have a World Class Profile and want to promote their Company as a World Class Company. Only few places are available at National Basis.  
   World Class Company in each Country. 
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Global Businesses ... Global Services

- Global Business
We deliver High Visibility for Professional Companies / Organizations in the Business fields of:

  Only 21 Companies from the Whole World.

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- Global Services

Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR , Authentication

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