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    Haya Food - Export Industry, Alexandria, Egypt. Middle East.   HYGADE Aps. Cosmetics chemists with enterprising businesses. Assens - Denmark   RPScandinavia. European Responsible for cosmetic products from outside EU marketed in the European market. Cosmetic. Denmark   Udvikling Assens. Fyn. Denmark. Helnaes Kultur Musik Forening. Non Profit Organization. Helnaes Assens, Municipality. Denmark
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International Consultant of the 21 Century

Free Promotion ... Add your Company to our "Business Search Engine" in English / Spanish.

" .. Find and be Found by Business Partners. From any where to every where .."

It is you who decide what, where and how to sell, export to and import from.

We only advice you, please, to:

  • Stress upon what you can offer to each of your National and Global Market.
  • Do you have something Special to offer?
  • Have you the necessary capacity, quality and resources to expand?
  • Why do you want to enter a New Market?
  • Can the new Market absorb your Product / Services?

Your National Market (Cities in your own Country):

  • Research your own Market and find out what it needs.
  • Contact other members who seek to cooperate in your Business / City / Country.

Your Target Global Market (Countries abroad):

  • Professionally attract the Business in the Global Market.
  • Research your target Market and match your Products / Services with what is needed.
  • Ask our Team in different Markets to assist you.

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